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If your application to remain in Canada or to come to Canada has been denied, you may have an effective way of overturning that decision..

At Poulton Law we are experts in Federal Court applications and Appeal Board appeals. The Federal Court has the power to over rule the negative decisions of immigration officers, both inside and outside of Canada. The Immigration Appeal Board has a similar power in the case of sponsorship appeals and  deportation orders.

 There are three good reasons for choosing Poulton Law to handle your case.

1. We are litigation experts. We have numerous reported cases of successful judicial review applications in Federal Court and Appeal Board decisions. They are available for public review. I have included a sampling of them here. (insert click to cases). Ronald Poulton is recognized as an expert in the field of immigration law and is regularly asked by his peers to speak at conferences, where other lawyers attend.

2.  Ronald Poulton is one of the few immigration lawyers who has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada, and been successful. Please read about the case. View Case

3. Our prices are reasonable. We are committed to our clients and will not abandon them. In a recent decision, the Federal Court commended Mr. Poulton for pro bono service, as being of the “best traditons of the bar.”

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Ronald Poulton