The things I feared most when I was looking for an immigration lawyer to help me with my case were, how my case would be handled and what it would cost. I am glad to say that I am very pleased that I chose you of all the others I looked at because you have succeeded in handling my issues and the cost well within what I had hoped for.

My case was not simple or straightforward and it required petitioning Canada’s court. You succeeded at ensuring that my story was heard and that I received due justice. You pursued justice on my behalf, to the point of establishing legal precedence in Canadian immigration law, and in the process secured my status to remain in Canada.

Thank you Ron for your diligent care of my case – thank you for providing me with the voice of reason when emotions may have interfered with good judgment and thank you for helping me obtain something that without your help I would not have obtained.

With Respect and Appreciation, Naipaul

May 2010


I am a mother with three kids…

I am a mother of three kids, aged 18, 17, and 14, and with masters’ degree in chemical Engineering. My family and I arrived in Canada in August 2001 from Sofia, Bulgaria. Being a single mother of three kids in a new country, I knew that it would be a long and difficult struggle to attain permanent residence. Not knowing where to start, I contacted a lawyer who was recommended for my situation in 2001. This lawyer promised results, but my family and I did not get that. We put forth a refuge claim and were rejected. Realizing that this lawyer was a waste of my time and money, I became hopeless and discouraged for my kids’ future in this country.

Years passed and I continued to attempt different routes to getting my case accepted. I decided to apply on humanitarian bases for my family’s permanent residency. This too was fruitless. My family and I were rejected and we were told that we could be evicted from the country. This was devastating news. My kids and I had nowhere to go, and my husband posed a danger to mine and their own safety. Hence, being in Canada provided shelter away from the abusive relationship that I was forced to flee.

In 2008, I was referred to Mr. Poulton by another lawyer. This lawyer admitted that my kids and I had a case which she could not guarantee positive results for, but she knew that Mr. Poulton would be able to take care of us. The first time I spoke to him, I immediately felt relief and assurance that there was hope for us in Canada. His positive attitude and experience created a trust that only strengthened as months passed by. For the first time in years, I was hopeful and confident that my kids and I would become contributing citizens of Canada.

Mr. Poulton handled our file with great care and professionalism, and told us all that we needed to do in order to prove to the government that we would not be a burden, but rather an asset to our community. He really knew how to let each and every one of us show proudly the proof of what we have done and achieved in this country for a short period of time. (In fact, the immigration officer found the achievements to be quite impressive – thanks to Mr. Poulton.)  The respect and sympathy that he showed towards me was unmatchable.  Due to his hard work and determination, my family and I are now permanent residents of Canada.

Thanks to Mr. Poulton’s kind heartedness and expertise, my family can now call Canada home. We are extremely grateful for his help, and will never forget what he helped us achieve. Mr. Poulton is not only a faithful and brilliant lawyer, but a very humble person to be forever remembered.

N.C. O.A. I.

May 2010


This is my real story

This is my real story. I was looking through the papers for a good immigration lawyer, when my eyes caught this immigration law firm and along with the phone number, I called that same number that I had seen in the paper and a lady answered. That same lady referred me to Mr. Ronald Poulton in the year 2002. When I had a very bad case that I was not certain of my future outcome in Canada, Mr. Poulton was the one who had helped me out of this bad situation that I had found myself into. Therefore I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Poulton to be their lawyer, because he is a very honest, hard working, and decent man. Mr. Poulton knows the immigration laws and will go step by step in terms of helping your immigration case and status to stay in Canada.



May 2010


Our family stayed in Canada without a proper status for almost 14 years…

Our family stayed in Canada without a proper status for almost 14 years. During that time, we had to go through a few con artists pretending to be immigration lawyers. Thousands of dollars was needlessly spent, and our lives were crushed.

Then, when we were about to be deported, Ron helped us rapidly and effectively to settle in here as permanent residents.

C.J. May 3, 2010



We met with Ron Poulton last Friday.  He is an extraordinary attorney and Humanitarian.  Jennifer, I recommend him highly.  He is extremely knowledgeable, forthright, concise and does not waste one’s time or money. Never charged me a penny, I had to insist on paying him for his time.


May 2010